Frequently asked questions
If you have questions about the Ininity API your first port of call shout be our support forum. Here you will find a dedicated board specifically for the API, where other users will be able to help you out. The lead developers of the API also check this board and are available to help you. Below we have answered some of the key questions that we are often asked
What compilers can we use to build the Inifinity API?
We have sucessfully compiled Infinity using the following platforms:
  • Visual studio 2003.Net (this is the default windows compiler that is supported)
  • Visual studio 2005 (You just need to convert the projects, using the VS2005 built in conversion tool)
  • Visual c++ express. We have had reports that it will sucessfully compile with c++ express. Please note that you will need to install the platform SDK for it to work correctly
  • Visual studio 6. We have had reports that you can build Infinity with VS6. Please note that you will have to setup the projects yourself (or if some nice person with access to VS6 would like to send us projects we will include them with the download).
  • XCode 2.4 is the default platform on MAC OSX. There are project files included that should work in any version of XCode 2.x, however we highly recommend that you upgrade to 2.4 (its free!) and use the Universal Binary projects
If you manage to compile Inifinity with another platform, please let us know (and if possible supply us with a project file that we can include with the main download)
What Operating systems are supported?
The Infinity API will work directly on the following
  • Windows XP (or any relative)
  • Mac OSX 10.4 (PPC or Intel)
In theory the API should also work on
  • Windows 98 - We have had reports of the code generated by the API working on Win98. Please note however that some parts of the graphics library rely directly on GDI+, which is not automatically available on windows 98.
  • Mac OS X 10.2 / 10.3. In theory the API should work on earlier versions of OS X. Please note however that Apple have a tendancy to break backwards compatibility. Any version of Mac OS X post 10.3.9 should work 'out of the box', earlier versions may require small code changes.
Please note that we have not yet been able to confirm Vista support, but Microsoft are usually very good about backwards compatibility, so in theory it should work!
Any chance of a linux version?
Its something we are actively considering. We are following the development of the linux audio scene and at some point in the future we may add linux support.
Do i need to pay to use Inifinity?
No, the API is free to use for both commercial and freeware / open source software, subject to the terms of our licence conditions. However, if you want to use Infinity without using our logo / crediting us you need to buy a commercial licence. This option is fully detailed on the licence page.
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