19/04/2007 - SCal Version 5 is released. You can get it here. Available on Mac for the first time (unibin).

14/04/2007 - GFlux review by French site inspira-sons. They describe it as "more than a filter or a filter bank, it is a polyvalent sound design tool". You can read the review (in French) here

18/03/2007 - New version of Infinity (1.0.1) has been released, adding VST2.4 plugin support and also support for PNG images. It is free and available here

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The Infinity API is a FREE cross platform (OSX Universal Binary, Windows) toolkit written in C++. It is divided in to a series of libraries to enable easy maintainence and to ensure that projects can be built within the minimum amount of extra source code.
We also include VST plugin wrappers to ease your audio development and an extensive set of light weight GUI controls.
Click here to learn more about the Infinity API.

  • Large collection of template containers
  • Basic object type wrappers (strings, numbers etc)
  • File handling (I/O streams), including XML
  • Full alpha drawing system
  • Ability to create, manage and control heavy weight window objects or lightweight user interface controls
  • Built in support for Targa, Jpeg and PNG images
  • Audio file read and write
  • VST 2.4 plug-in wrappers
  • 100% cross platform
  • Free under licence


The premier filtering solution!
4 Filters, 5 filter types. 18 signal flow configurations. 11 Distortion types. 6 modulators. An acclaimed user interface as well as full and intuitive midi learn system, plus loads of presets - You can read more about GFlux here


Exponent are proud to support the Open Source scene
We make our backbone API (Infinity) available for free. Get it here. Infinity is a cross platform development kit, with dedicated VST plugin support and support for many image and audio file formats.


Exponent are proud to support the Freeware plugin scene.
We make several free to own and use plugins that you can get here. All our plugins work on Mac OSX UniBin and Windows. We also make freely available our widely used SCal application. This range will expand over time!

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