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Frequently asked questions
Do you have an online copy of your licence conditions?
They are available here
Where can i get press information
Please click here
How can i get support for my plugin?
You can email us. Please note that we do not provide explicit support for our freeware plugins
What kind of copy protection system do you use?
We use a serial code copy protection system. When you purchase the plugin, you will recieve a serial code that will fully enable the plugin.
Why doesnt GFlux show up in Live On Intel Mac?
Live on Intel Mac currently only supports VST2.4 plugins. GFlux only supports VST2.3, and unfortunately this means that GFlux is not currently usable in Live on Intel Mac. However, we are currently developing the AU version of the plugin, which will allow GFlux to work in Live on Intel Mac.
What is the newest version of XYZ plugin?
The newest version is always available as the main download. You can get all the newest versions from here
Can i sell my copy of XYZ plugin?
Exponent is happy for you to sell your plugin, however, there are several things to note:
  1. By selling your product, you will lose all entitlement to updates, upgrades and extras associated with that plugin
  2. You must fully remove the plugin from all your systems.
  3. To cover administration costs, we charge a small transfer fee (10% of the total cost of the plugin). It is between you and the buyer as to who pays this change.
  4. The purchaser *must* register the plugin to get the new serial code assigned to them. This is done as part of the communication between us, you and the purchaser.
  5. You can only sell a licence once. That is you cannot sell a second hand copy
  6. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse a licence transfer
For more details, please email us
What are the restrictions placed on the demo version?
Demo versions disable saving, both from host and internally
Can i distribute XYZ plugin?
You may not distribute any copies with serial codes, nor may you distribute any serial codes. If you do, you open yourself to legal action as per our licence agreement and the copyright laws of your local area.
We are happy to discuss distribution arrangements on a larger scale (for example magazine cover disks) or for commercial distribution. Please contact us via email to discuss your proposition.
Ive lost my serial code, can i get another one?
Please email us
Ive paid for a plugin and havent recieved my serial code
Please email us
Ive installed Gflux / Delta Series using the installer on mac and they dont appear in my host application
Some hosts (such as bidule) will detect the type of user account you have and will adjust the VST plugin search path accordingly. This means that a user with limited access rights' VST folder is located in "~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST". Due to the nature of the apple installer system we always install to the system global VST plugins folder. If you find that your host cant find your plugins, simply copy the plugin and any resource folders to your local VST plugins folder. You may need to enter a username and password for an administrator to achieve this. This should then allow the plugins to appear in the host. We recommend that users with limited access to the computer use the non installer version
Ive paid for a plugin and havent recieved my plugin
Please email us
Im using Internet Explorer and i cant get the downloads to start
Internet explorer blocks certain type of executable code, depending upon your browser setup. When you click the download link a bar should appear at the top of your browser window which says "To help protect your security Internet Explorer has restricted the page from showing active content that could access your computer. Click here for options...". Simply click where the text is and select "Allow blocked content". The downloads should now be available. This message appears because we use Javascript to confirm that any person downloading the plugin agrees with the terms and conditions as laid out in the licence conditions page. Please note that *no* information about you or your system is collected.
Do you have plugin version histories available on the site
Yes, they are here
If you wish to find any of the older information that was on, please click here to enter the archive
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